Choosing Golf Caddying as a Career

Choosing a career in sports is a difficult route to go down. Sports across the board is quite a closed industry and usually if you aren’t a friend of a friend of someone in the sport itself it’s extremely difficult to break into. We won’t lie to you and it’s good that you’re reading this so you can understand this from the off. You also will need to have a passion for the sport you want to get involved in so if you’re passion is football and you want to get into the world of golf you’ll need a re-education.

Golf isn’t usually one of the sports that comes to mind: most children say they want to be the next David Beckham or Ronaldo or Michael Jordan – if this was the Nineties. There are actual golf caddies who drag around forty to fifty pounds of clubs, bag and golf clothing and other accessories golf-1649263_640purchased from sites like while watching other people play golf and sometimes it takes a lot to be a golf caddy! There are a lot of people out there who wish to pursue this and most caddies are former players who want to help others during their golf game. A job in the sunshine, fresh air and countryside is something that a lot of people aspire to gain and if the main hobby or interest of the caddy is golf, all the better, it’s the perfect job! Being fit, have excellent eyesight and be okay with having weeks away from home at a time are all very important qualities to have. The more professional the player you caddy for, the longer you get to stay at home and less travelling you do. if you have someone with you that can guide you on the type of trolley you will need, head over to to choose a new lithium golf trolley that will suit your golfer.

Caddies have to ensure they have everything they need for their team so knowing the weather and having the right clothes with them at that game is very important. Most importantly though they need to know their player inside and out. They need to read what they need and when as well as keep yardage books for all courses that will be played in the entire year. Something that a caddy will need is a golf cart or trolley and there are many companies out there that supply these. One such company can be found at Talking money, caddies know that there’s a decent wage in being in their line of work.

Resort caddying can actually earn £500-1000 a week in some resorts and most caddies start out young and work their way up from carrying their fathers bag and playing as much of the game as possible will also assist as the knowledge is priceless. Caddies need to know about the game so the rules from top to bottom. They cannot effectively caddy if unfamiliar with how golf should go. Caddies must conform to dress codes and be alert at all times as to what’s going on in the game. Stamina and excellent health are of course imperative as caddies can walk miles every day. Like many businesses, it’s about who you know and being in the game from a young age can be a leg up. Finding a young player who is on the way to golf stardom is always an excellent way in.


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Factors to Consider In Buying a Vintage Bridal Headpiece

When you are going to buy vintage bridal headpieces on your wedding day, then you should not get the ones that you just pick at random. It must be something that you have considered for quite some time. That is why in this post you will know what factors you should consider when buying vintage bridal headpieces.


So first off on this list, is all about your budget. Whatever it is that you will buy for your wedding it must be according to your budget. So you will not have some headaches afterwards, just because you went overboard with it. What you can do before you finally get your pick, is to do some canvassing so that you will know what the ones are readily available. So you can go to and check out their wide selection of vintage bridal headpieces.

Hair and makeup

So after you have already set your budget, then you need to consider the type of hair and makeup that you are going to have on your big day. That is why choosing a headpiece can be your last thing to do for your whole wedding preparation. So what you need to do is to have your trial bridal hair and makeup look first, so you can choose the best available vintage hairpiece that will complement your bridal hair and makeup. What you need to consider if you are going to have an up-do hairstyle then you can opt for medium sized hair pieces, because if you will choose a bigger one, then that might overwhelm your whole look, and if you are going to choose the small ones, then it might be impossible for it to be noticed.

Bridal wreath lying on a lace napkin. Invitation card.

Specific Vintage Era

When choosing vintage bridal hairpieces, you should consider the specific vintage era that you are going for. This is for you to pull off that vintage theme wedding. But if you just want a vintage theme era in general, then that will not be a problem, since you can choose whatever vintage headpiece that you want. But if you are going to have a very specific era like 70’s or 80’s then have the ones that are popular from that era.


This is one of the most important factors when choosing for a bridal headpiece. You need to ensure that you are comfortable with it like it should not hurt your head in any way. Also, choose something that makes you feel secured or something that you will not have to worry that it might fall off from your hair. That is why you need to try it on if possible. Thus, you do need just to rely on the style because, after all it is your wedding day, and you just want to feel comfortable all throughout the ceremony, to the reception, and to the after party.

So now that you already know what factors to consider when buying vintage bridal headpieces, then you can now choose the best ones from for your final pick.


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Which Dress?

The day you decide to go and choose your wedding dress should be a day of fun and love between you and your mother, or friends or other family. There’s more to trying on wedding dresses than twirling dreamily around a changing room in a boutique so before you embark on what is possibly one of the most exciting trips of your life, you should ask yourself a few questions. You should decide what length wedding dress you want, short or long? If you want a train, long is the obvious answer and shorter dresses tend to suit to more petite and in some cases, more mature bride. What style of skirt do you prefer? There are actually a lot of types bridal gown and if you want trumpet, flare, ball gown, straight/column, a line or mermaid, there are a lot of choices ahead of you!

You should ask yourself what style of back design will flatter your shape: with a back design or without? What style of sleeves – if any – do you see 19yourself having? What waistline suits you best? The weather, the location of your wedding and together with your body shape and personal style must agree to all these choices. It’s a lot isn’t it!? Thankfully many girls dream of their dress from the moment they watch Cinderella go to the ball in the magical gown that the Fairy Godmother created for them.

Depending on the location and on the season of your wedding day, many different boutiques stocking wedding dresses Yorkshire will be stocking the right dresses for the right season. Short dresses tend to be all the rage for summer weddings as they fit the Fifties style and are cooler to wear. You may find yourself going against the traditional range in favour of a shorter swing dress and tea length dresses are very fashionable as the length is elegant and sexy offering you the much needed ease and flexibility of movement on your big day. A wedding dress with a train, short or long, is grand and dreamy. Just like the fairy tale wedding dresses we’ve watched in Walt Disney animations or seen royalty marry in to their princes and kings in their royal wedding dresses. Even if you choose a short length wedding dress, no one can stop you from adding a tasteful and elegant train to the back to walk down the aisle with. Of course, you may opt for a bridal veil train rather than a dress train, either way you can make a stunning choice.

The floor length long skirt is a famous feature of a traditional wedding dress. Longer dresses are always featured more than others due to tradition and popularity. Next to respecting traditions, if you are not exposed to many formal and gala events in your daily life you might be the bride who is looking forward to wearing a long wedding dress and make your wedding day a memorable one with this choice. Longer skirt wedding dresses are also recommended for brides who want to emphasise their bust area and hide the lower part of the body. With your body shape in mind you may choose from the following types of wedding dress long length skirts: ball gown, straight or column, sheath, a line, flared, trumpet or mermaid skirt.



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What Are Top Farm Animals?

For those who are wondering what pets are kept on the farm, there are many. For those who are planning to keep a farm, get the top farm animals. They can be a good investment for your farm. Here are the top farm animals.

  1. Horse

The best farm animal you can have is a horse. Some horses are raised for breeding and horse racing. Some also have smaller horse breeds for kids to ride like Shetland ponies found in Horses can also carry heavy loads in the farm. They are also the best ride you can have on wide farms. Horses can be ridden to lead your cattle in the field. They can be easily tamed to follow orders.

  1. Cowcow-1527925__180

The best source of milk that everyone needs comes from cows. It is a must in every farm. Cows are kept for their milk and meat that serves as the main source of a farm’s income. Farms keep many cows on the farm to make sure they have ample source of milk. Dairy farms keep their cows healthy for them to continue producing milk. Cows are easy to feed because they only need grass or hay. The farmers just open the gate and cows will find their way in the pasture.

  1. Goat

Goats are also kept in farms because of their milk and meat. They also feed on the grass, making them easy to be raised on the farm. They don’t need much attention. Goats can freely graze on grasslands and just go back at sundown. Grasslands are easily cleaned up by goats; they can cover a wide area of the grassland in a day. They are most suitable for hilly farms since they can climb rocky mountains.

  1. qiqtym7nzzChicken

Farms always have chickens. They are a great source of protein. Chickens produce eggs that can be sold. Eggs are an everyday staple in every home. Fast food restaurants usually offer burgers and sandwiches with eggs. Fried chicken is a common food all over the world. Cakes and bread are made have eggs as a common ingredient. Chicken is a lucrative source of income for a farm. They are harder to take care of than cattle because they are more prone to disease.

  1. Pig

You might already be aware why pigs are kept on a farm. Pigs are the source of pork meat that many people love to eat. Pigs are hard to take care of. They need a lot of work. Their source of water and food needs to be kept full at all times. Pigs are not only kept for their pets anymore. Some people in other countries are keeping their pigs as pets.

Those are the top farm animals. Horses can be the bigger or smaller breeds found in Chicken is important for their eggs and meat. Goat needs less supervision. Cows are highly needed for their milk and meat. You can have pigs on your farm for their meat or have them for pets.


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Tips and Tricks with Pocket Fold Wedding Invites

In dealing with the pocket fold wedding invites in lieu to your preparation of your wedding, there are actually tips and tricks that you can use in order to make the process efficient and to prevent future hassles as early as you can. So in this post you will be able to get some tips and tricks in dealing with pocket fold invites for your big day to prevent unnecessary worries that might ruin the excitement that you have for your wedding day.

Now the first tip when you are dealing with pocket fold invites is that you need to make sure that if you are going to order it online, then you need to make sure that you are able to order enough number of invites so that you would not waste time and effort in ordering again if you will lack wedding invites to send. Since if you will decide to get more wedding invites later, then you will need to wait a few more weeks before it can be delivered to you that is why as much as possible you need to have a specific number of wedding invites to order so that you would not be wasting time just to get additional wedding invites.

Then, another tip and trick is that if in the event you are not ordering online or as much as possible, you must need to have a sample of the pocket fold wedding invite that you have requested to be made so that you will be able to know and feel if it is already the right one, like the texture of the paper being used since it is always different when you are just seeing it on the monitor compared when you have it in your hand.

And most importantly, before you make any transaction from any pocket fold wedding invitation maker in your area or anywhere else is that you need to check out the reviews of that particular wedding invites provider so that you can make sure that it is legit and you will be able to get high-quality materials and finished product of the wedding invites. You really need to check out that particular provider that you have chosen since there might be bad reviews that you need to be aware of and think if you are willing to risk time and effort if you will go with that particular provider that you are not sure.

Now, with, you will be able to make sure that you will get high quality of finished products of your pocket fold invites for your wedding since that is already their forte. So since you already know the tips and trick that you can do, then you will be able to prevent some possible problems in the future that you might encounter during the process of making your wedding invites and most importantly you will be able to save money, time and effort when you do such tips and tricks.


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Tips for Writing Your Wedding Invites

It’s an exciting time, choosing your wedding invitations with your new husband to be and these have absolutely got to stand out. The announcing of the ceremony via a save the date followed by a UK wedding invitation is the way you’re to tell the world the type of wedding you’re going to have. Usually by now the most exciting parts of the wedding such as the church and venue for the reception have been booked or outlined and your colour scheme has been chosen and this is great as this is going to pave the way for choosing the type of invite you would like. You don’t have to have a huge budget to throw an amazingly elegant wedding, never forget that. You can have the most beautiful invitations on a budget and there are many kinds of invitations to consider for your day.


For more bespoke wedding invites, a great idea are handwritten invites as these are are classic and simply graceful. Did you know you can get handwritten invitations done by professional calligraphers? Or if you’re on more of a budget for your wedding, you can learn to write calligraphy yourself and write them yourself at home. Engraved wedding invitations are always a consideration and that tells the world that you are going to have rather a formal affair. Doing it yourself can cut a budget right down to the bone and your invitations can still be beautiful and look expensive even if they’re not.

Finding a company that can offer order of service templates for weddings can generally be a great idea and can be, as above, engraved or handwritten. Engraved order of services are part of the expensive crowd and can be impressive and used later in frames as souvenirs or keepsakes from your big day which usually the mothers of the bride and groom would love as a keepsake. Handwritten order of service templates are again not really for formal weddings, but are personal and more intimate for a smaller wedding.

The biggest day of your life can be the most stressful but it doesn’t have to be if you delegate everything to the bridesmaids you carefully chose or the groomsmen that your husband-to-be chose. Every bride wants to do everything themselves but whatever your budget, it doesn’t mean you absolutely have to look after everything yourself. For the wealthier couples, allowing a company to both design and create your invitation can really take the strain out of that part of organising a wedding and you can actually find wedding planners that offer this service. For those who aren’t able to pay a company to do the entire process for them, delegating jobs to those trusty bridesmaids of yours can again, take the strain from you. Why think about the wedding invitations if you don’t have to? Ask for help where you can and allow others to help if they offer. don’t forget! Send out your invites with plenty of time to spare so you get your RSVP back early enough to arrange your seating plans and inform your venue!



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