Ways on How to Beautify your Wedding Reception

Decorating the wedding reception is one of the most exciting things that most people would love to do. Back in the day decorating for a wedding theme was very simple, does not have to use much of any equipment for designing and styling a wedding venue. Nowadays, things have changed because globally people became competitive when it comes to business marketing. The challenge of the business is to increase in the number of designs and giving the best quality of service. Some people would go for a “do it your own” kind of way, but this will really take a long time, especially If you are planning to have more than fifty guests. It would be much better to hire a company that can do the job for you, while you are preparing the other half of the wedding.

It would be best for you to start collecting and searching for information about hiring skilled wedding drapers such as at www.rentevent.co.uk that can provide to you the best and quality drapes for your wedding.  There are many ways for you to beautify your wedding reception and with the help of a wedding planner and coordinator things will have a smooth flow because the materials that are used and the equipment as well.


As you are beautifying there are many things that you need to consider in order for you to attain a good outcome. Each aspect requires good skills to be able to create a beautiful, elegant ambiance that is worth to remember. Another way for you to have a beautiful wedding reception is to choose your wedding theme and colors. This is important because such colors will bring meaning and life to the entire room. The colors and the theme signifies that there is story behind every color scheme that is used in your wedding reception.

There are also a variety of chair styles such as at www.rentevent.co.uk in which can be applied as decoration at your wedding reception. Remember that hiring a professional would be better because they know what they are doing and it has been in their expertise for many years to do styling and decor. Choosing for the best design and style for all your wedding drapes and cover chairs that are unique and classy is something to look forward to as you are going to enjoy it on the say of your wedding.

Wedding receptions are important in a sense that it should be at its finest and perfect place in making all the memories. This is one way that people will see all the hard work after the days of hard work, business meetings and even the times of trial and error in selecting the best material and equipment for the wedding reception. Looking for ideas such as knowing what theme you want to apply for you wedding reception such as you want to do for example a “great Gatsby” kind of theme, or perhaps themes that compliments the season such as if you happen to be wed on a winter season. It would be a great idea to make the theme the same with the season.

It is important that you know what you are aiming for your wedding reception. Be sure that you are guided as well.

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Make A Statement For Your Hotel

Everyone loves a good holiday or weekend away and when it comes to going away, everyone looks for the most cost effective, attractive hotel. There are so many things a hotel can do to make itself stand out and they don’t always have to cost a lot of money either! Guests always have a choice across the market and there is always something you can do to make sure that your hotel is the one that’s chosen! To that end we have put together this little guide for you so you can maybe implement these things into your hotel and thus gain more custom:

  • Animal shaped towels. Okay so we totally stole this idea from cruise lines but when customers walk into their room and see the amount of care that has gone into the tidying of their room it is so worth it. The animal-shaped towels are also a big hit with younger guests and guessing the next towel of the day is a fun game.
  • Decorative mirrors. Companies like aldgatehome.com restore mirrors into window frames so investing one of these frames for your hotel can really make a statement and have guests talking. It’s something so unusual and therefore a talking point. Word of mouth really matters!
  • Recognise their important dates. So simple, so effective. When your guests make a booking, taking a note of the dates of birth of those in the room or asking for the reason of their stay and discovering one of your guests has a birthday or anniversary is a way in to make something special happen. Have a token gift in their room waiting. Yes this may involve a small cost but if your guest decides to book again with you and this is based on your attention to detail, then word will travel fast and you will be recognised for that!
  • Everyone has to eat and asking the guests their dinner plans is a great conversation starter. Don’t just big up your own hotel restaurant though, find out what your guest is up for that evening and if that doesn’t suit your restaurant’s menu you can be helpful and recommend a suitable eatery nearby. By not pushing your own agenda you immediately become more appealing as the hotel that knows where things are. It worked for Santa in Miracle on 34th Street, it can work for you.
  • Decorate! Dot beautiful vases stuffed with seasonal flowers around the hotel and make sure they are fresh. Lilies especially have such a distinctive aroma that you can smell it a floor away. How about funky hall mirrors? Ordering large mirrors from aldgatehome.com can expand the light and sense of space in otherwise narrow corridors outside rooms. All these little touches can show love and care have gone into thinking about your customer and their needs. These things make you memorable as a business, remember that!
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How To Be A Golf Caddy

When we ask how you’d want to be a golf caddy we’re not talking about the electric golf caddies, we’re talking about people. Actual golf caddies who drag around forty to fifty pounds of clubs, bag and golf clothing and other accessories while watching other people play golf and sometimes it takes a lot to be a golf caddy! There are a lot of people out there who wish to pursue this and most caddies are former players who want to help others during their golf game. A job in the sunshine, fresh air and countryside is something that a lot of people aspire to gain and if the main hobby or interest of the caddy is golf, all the better, it’s the perfect job! Being fit, have excellent eyesight and be okay with having weeks away from home at a time are all very important qualities to have. The more professional the player you caddy for, the longer you get to stay at home.

Talking money, caddies know that there’s a decent wage in being in their line of work. Resort caddying can actually earn $500-1000 a week in some resorts and most caddies start out young and work their way up from carrying their fathers bag and playing as much of the game as possible will also assist as the knowledge is priceless. Caddies need to know about the game so the rules from top to bottom. They cannot effectively caddy if unfamiliar with how golf should go. Caddies must conform to dress codes and be alert at all times as to what’s going on in the game. Stamina and excellent health are of course imperative as caddies can walk miles every day.

Caddies have to ensure they have everything they need for their team so knowing the weather and having the right clothes with them at that game is very important. Most importantly though they need to know their player inside and out. They need to read what they need and when as well as keep yardage books for all courses that will be played in the entire year. Something that a caddy will need is a golf cart or trolley and there are many companies out there that supply these. One such company can be found at www.ezicaddy.com and with over 50 years’ experience in the golfing business they know what they’re doing when it comes to golf trolleys.

Choosing a golf cart or trolley is individual to the needs of the golfer and this is absolutely something that golf caddies should know. Having the best for their player is essential in their game and knowing their player’s next move is also meant to be second nature. Like many businesses, it’s about who you know and being in the game from a young age can be a leg up. Finding a young player who is on the way to golf stardom is always an excellent way in.

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Top Tips for Designing Wedding Stationery

Setting the date for your wedding is the easy part, setting the tone is a whole other story. Your wedding day is a reflection of you both as a couple and how you want to project yourselves to your friends and family. Websites like www.lilacandwhite.com can help you from bespoke design to printing to delivery of every aspect of your stationery. There’s still a lot to think about, what with the order of service, invitations, place cards, save the dates etc… but at least thinking about the wedding stationery as a whole with just one company can take the strain off the day. We’ve compiled some tips for you when it comes to organising, printing and designing your wedding invitations.

  • Choosing your style. Whether you want to exude exquisite elegance or blast everyone away by your brilliantly boho chic outlook, your stationery should reflect your couple personality. If you’re likely to go with the flow and be easy breezy, boho chic is definitely up your street. Prefer engraved excellence? Something more formal is for you.
  • Wise words. Wording your invitations can be tricky because not only do you need to ensure you give all the correct details for the ceremony and reception locations and times, you need to make sure that the receiver of the invitation knows how many guests the invite extends to. Dress code should definitely be crystal clear because the last thing you need is an old friend showing up in an identical dress to yours…the bride! If your wedding is elegant and formal than likelihood is you won’t want gothic death metal attire around on the day.
  • Thank you very much! Sending thank you notes is a polite and important part of wedding stationery as a whole and should ideally be planned in advance with your invitations. You never know, you may be able to get a package deal so speaking to your designer or printer about this can be crucial. You may also find that ordering your thank you cards with the save the dates can help you remember who to write to. You can do this on the online shop at lilacandwhite.com.
  • RSV Please. As important as all your stationery is, including a separate RSVP card to post back can be really vital. A lot of people forget to RSVP which isn’t always the most polite way of accepting a wedding invitation and if you want to avoid people randomly turning up on the day, ordering these as an insert for your invitations can be really helpful for those forgetful older relatives and scatter brained friends!

All of these tips are important for your day and www.lilacandwhite.com is the place to visit to be able to order all the above in one place. Delivery can be organised efficiently and also if you need a more bespoke design for your day, Lilac and White can help you arrange this and help choose the artwork you could be looking for. Contact them today and you’ll receive £10 off the first order when you subscribe!

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Pick Your Favorite Country Clothes and Choose Binoculars for Great Viewing

During vacation or the time that you want to go out and refresh yourself from work, there are different activities that you may enjoy. It is perfect to choose the activity that you always want or the hobby that you are enjoying. And it is also exciting to match that activity or hobby with your favorite country clothes, and do not forget to bring your binoculars as well because you might miss to see closely those beautiful sceneries that will be on your way. It may be a day out or a long vacation you can bring those of your favorite country clothes to enjoy your favorite activity.

When you go on birds watching it is great to bring binoculars as this can give you a chance in watching the birds closely. You can also use this in case you will be watching horse races. Even the people who will be watching the opera in theaters are bringing binoculars so from the distance they can see closely their favorite opera artists. Binoculars are really amazing because you can see the objects as closely as you can. Good thing it was invented and developed for everyone to benefit it. If you are looking for quality and excellent reputation when it comes to binoculars, you can absolutely visit this website www.clunycountrystore.co.uk.

Men’s country clothing is something to talk about. Waxed green jackets are great for shooting or fishing. Underneath the jacket, men can wear shirts underneath. The usual shirts are in checkered design and different colors depending on their taste. They can wear a flat cap or the trilby hat while on fishing. The trouser they should wear is denim and they can wear boots, which are really fitted when fishing. Men can also wear brogue shoes when go on shooting. Some men are wearing gloves to protect their hands and also scarf when it is still cold, to reduce the feel of the cold weather. To view more of men’s country clothing, you can visit the website www.clunycountrystore.co.uk.

Binoculars are good for distance viewing. It can be used by many not only by viewing sceneries but also people like those astronomers that need to learn the skies. This is also helpful to those who are in military with their missions. There are so many uses of it and good thing the invention of this become successful in the future today. Surely there are still many manufacturers that are developing this to make sure that the people will be able to fulfill their wants in using this.

Men’s country clothing is not so challenging to pick because there are so many designs and style those men can choose. Any designs will actually make a man perfect. They would definitely be enjoying the activities or hobbies that they need to go to like the shooting or fishing and others. Men should enjoy their style and continue to choose some others styles and designs that will be made by some prominent tailors in the country.

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Budget Hair and Makeup Expectations Vs Reality

mean_girls-750x400You might be asking why some people would spend thousands just for hair and makeup when there are a lot of cheap choices available in every corner for a small budget, well, the answer is quality and quality speaks for itself. Reality is, when you choose low quality hair and makeup products, there are a lot of risks included in it, just like when you buy a low quality equipment for your house, do not expect that it would give you the best performance for a long time compared to high end machines and in the case of hair and makeup products which you do not know what harmful chemicals were used to manufacture it. So keep in mind that when you have buy hair and makeup products, you are risking your hair and skin therefore you should choose the ones that does not only make you look good but would also protect your hair and skin. And the good ones usually cost your dearly due to the technology that was used to manufacture it, like the organic ones. But if you do not want to spend on a lot of products then you can spend on a onetime thing like for a semi permanent makeup at www.spmuclinic.co.uk.

800x800_1457059653829-jan-23-4Another expectation with budget hair and makeup is you keep on hiring amateur hair and makeup artists for you to look like a celebrity that you like. One thing to keep in mind is that if you will hire an amateur, just because you are on a tight budget then do not expect for a best result or you will be doomed. Reality is makeup artists are not magicians, and that holds true for both professional and amateur makeup artists. If you want to hire a makeup artist for you to look like a celebrity, then that is already called prosthetics makeup, which is the same thing how hair makeup artists create fake monsters, blisters and open wounds, the bloody thingy.

The most unrealistic expectation of budget makeup is to look like Kim K. You need to keep in mind that Kim K’s makeup is a combination of high end tools, cosmetics and skills. Well, nowadays, there are already a lot of branded dupes and complete fakes. The better and safer versions for you if you are looking for affordable makeup are branded dupes, those are the brands of makeup that has the same formula with the high end ones, like not everyone are willing to buy a glorified crayon (a lipstick) since the tendency is that you are just buying the name or the brand and not the lipstick itself. However, if you will buy fake products, again you are risking yourself to a lot of harmful chemicals and for the quality, always remember that with makeup, quantity is not a priority, quality is. So when you want to be a hair and makeup artist or you want to build a collection of hair and makeup products then you better start investing with high quality products.

There is actually nothing wrong if you will choose an amateur or budgeted hair and makeup artist since it’s a preference and that depends on how much you have in your bank account but just do not expect for a clean and polished finish. Stop demanding from your makeup artist that you should look like this and that, or whoever celebrity you want to look like because your budget will determine how you will look like on the outside. So if you hire professionals then visit www.untitledartistsldn.com.


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